Parenting After Loss


Welcome to my Blog!

I have started SpiritualMothering after the loss of my baby angel Alí Ugo, born at 24 weeks +1 day following a smooth 6 months pregnancy. No reasons were found for the cause of the premature brith of our baby, and often this is the case with people that lose their babies at infancy.

In the UK alone, around 60,000 babies are born too soon every year. Babies born early have an increased risk of suffering lifelong health and developmental problems as well as death.

Alí Ugo lived in this world for four months only, but gave my husband and I the greatest gift – parenthood. He taught us innumerable virtues and instilled within our hearts infinite love.

During the most difficult times after birth, hundreds of people showed so much love, compassion and exemplary service to our baby as well as towards us parents. The two NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) wards we have experienced have shown such admirable support that I don’t think we would have been able to be by Alí Ugo’s side the same way without.

For this reason I want to use my blog as a platform to create awareness and support for mothers around the world, and also support medical research in finding solutions to premature births, miscarriages and still births, as well as supporting organisations like Tommy’s charity and The Sick Children’s Trust, who tirelessly support parents and families with children at NICU by offering families information, support, and free accommodation, a home from home.